Archie Bradley Interview

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Archie Bradley is a minor leaguer in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. He was drafted. 7th in the 2011 major league draft and he is currently in A ball but looks to proceed quickly through the ranks. He is the DBacks top pitching prospect and should be an ace for them by 2015. Archie did walk alot of batters in his debut season (5.8/9 innings) but his K rate is also incredibly high. He was 12-6 with a 3.84 ERA which is fantastic for a kid that is 20. Archie projects to be a player you want to build around. Comparisons are: Verlander, Kershaw. Yes, that good.
He was kind enough to take part in an interview for me.

Q: Who introduced you to baseball and when?
A: My father did when I was 4

Q: What was the high school baseball expirence like?
A: Unreal! Playing with some of my bestfriends and winning state.

Q: In high school, did you play any other sports?
A: Football

Q: What positions in those?

Q:Why did you decide to sign after you had commited to OU?
A: I felt pro ball was the best option for me.

Q: What was draft day like for you? What was your reaction? Where were you when drafted?
A: Draft day was hectic and long! I was shocked and so thankful! I was in tulsa at a draft party with dylan bundy and our familys, and everyone that was close to us.

Q: Who has helped you most along your journey?
A: My family and my agent Jay Franklin.

Q: What is your training like?
A: Hard and always changing and challenging my trainer Mike Wojciechowski is the best around.

Q: Why do you wear #25?
A: Thats what was given, I want to wear 14.

Q: What are you looking forward to most this year?
A:Hopefully making the big leagues 

Some favorites.
Food: steak and baked potato Sports team: cowboys,thunder Subject in school: sports lol jk math Hobby:twitter and helping people
GO FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER @archiebradley7


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